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La Différence

May 1, 2018

I woke up to this view and had café au lait and pain au chocolat as breakfast for the past 3 days.

This Saturday I found myself fastened and strapped down in a big white van; the perfect ingredient to a brilliant thriller. Instead of heading to a serial killer’s basement I was heading to the beautiful country of France. After a 13-hour long drive me and 7 others were climbing up steep little roads in the dark accompanied by a thick layer of mist. Again, perfect ingredients to a perfectly fine horror movie. At last we pulled up in front of a beautiful house in the tiny but mighty city of La Brousse. I’m skipping uni and staying in a gorgeous and completely accessible little paradise, and although this stresses me out more than one could tell I feel like it’s exactly what I need at this moment.

For a while now stress has been my constant and loyal companion. Stress about failing my studies, stress about work, stress about life, stress about moving and living on my own, and quite literally every other aspect of life you could possibly think of. I’m proud to say that I’m handling it pretty well, both mentally as perhaps more importantly also physically. There’s no one to blame for it but me, and I’m putting this on me 100% voluntarily and consciously. I simply decided for myself that it was going to be a temporary state and nothing but a quick stage I had to power through. Even so it feels amazing to be able to escape from it for a week.

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