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The duo takes Pinkpop

August 19, 2018

As a result of some recent events I’d like to write a word or two about the big Duo Birthday Adventure I experienced with Dewi not so long ago. My little sis turned 18 – aka not so little anymore – last May and for her birthday I gave her a ticket for Pinkpop festival. I wanted to properly celebrate the fact that she could get her own drinks now instead of me ordering in doubles and looking like an alcoholic, and thought a pretty Pinkpop band next to one of those 18+ wristbands would do the trick just fine. The two of us went alone but met some friends of us on site, and made the rest of our (albeit somewhat short term) friends on the spot.

We didn’t just have one birthday to celebrate and ended up hitting two birds with one stone as I got to blast into my 23rd year on this fine planet with Bruno Mars shooting confetti and fireworks up to the sky for me on the last evening. We sat at a picknick table with two newly made friends with overpriced sixpacks from the minimart until even the terrible music on the camping site was turned off and had complete strangers sing me birthday songs.

Now, I’m a strong supporter of the surprise element strategy, and I got to amaze my pharmacist by making it back alive after he was the one to dose me up with antibiotics before I left. “You’re insane” shaking his head and handed me my pneumonia treatment. The thing is; if I wait for my body to be healthy and not fighting off one thing or another, I might as well sit back behind my geraniums – as we Dutchies say – and just watch my life pass me by. Not gonna happen.

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