Media appearances

Now and then I’ve shown my face in the media; thus far no lenses or cameras have been harmed in this process! Below is a selection of these appearances, either online or offline.

24-09-2018: Article “Ik stem er niet meer mee in om buitengesloten te worden” (Dutch)

Following an open letter I wrote to my university regarding their lack of inclusivity and accessibility, DUB published an article of mine highlighting this issue, and how the university’s policies and inaccessible buildings formed the actual disability which hindered me in my studies.

Read the whole article, on DUB.

22-07-2019: Documentary “De Hoofdprijs” (Dutch)

Directed by Jannes van Lenteren and made possible by Het Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds this documentary chronicles the arrival of the first and only treatment for SMA. You get a glimpse of how the world balances between hope and despair for SMA patients with raw and touching interviews, and the camera witnessing crucial moments of the proces. In addition, this documentary also greatly depicts the political game in which the minister finds himself, and the overall battle with the powerful pharmaceutical company.

Watch De Hoofdprijs, now on NPO Start.