Provehito in altum

When I registered on WordPress and put up this blog I had the exact same intentions as I have today. I put this up to have a space to write. Nothing more and nothing less.

Floating around my house are at least 2 billion pieces of scraps of envelopes, crumbled napkins and torn food wrappers that I scribbled either poems, experienced adventures, cool ideas or mere sentences on. Floating around my head are about 25765 pieces of inspiration, more often unfinished than not.

I’ve tried to come up with an answer as to why on earth I don’t use this little corner of the internet more like I intended to do, and the closest I can get to an answer is that the idea of uploading my scribbles and words to the world is somehow intimidating. Oh hello irony! Because condemning those bits of napkin to get lost sooner or later and my incoherent thoughts doing nothing but catching dust is just as terrifying.

Now here’s an inelegant but effective solution: pushing myself over that edge by force. Starting tomorrow I will publish a blog post (at least) once a week, for no one other than myself. Hopefully Future Me will be reading these terrible jokes, impractical ideas, incoherent rambles, random pieces of unfinished stories, or whatever else may come from this with one hell of a smile on her face.

Buckle up brethren and sistren for a road trip to the exotic Unknown.


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