Hi there!

I’m Lily, I’ve enjoyed 23 trips around the sun, and am an optimist and escapist living on a small and rainy patch of planet Earth. Life has cursed me with a progressive muscular disease but I like to believe that it has also granted me brand new eyes and a fresh new attitude with it. I was born in the summer of ’95 on an outstanding sunny day and grew up as well in The Netherlands as in Germany. Yamin (disguised as service dog) and me are hopping back and forth between my childhood home in Almere and Utrecht where I have my own little place and pretend to spent most of my time being an overachieving Artificial Intelligence student. My favourite pastimes are going on adventures, buying myself ice-cream and sunflowers, and reading until I forget what century I live in.

My lovely La Vie en Rose glasses fell off and crushed underneath my wheelchair quite a while ago, but instead of replacing them with a pair of depressing grey Realistics I try to see the world through the constantly wondering eyes of my 7-year-old childhood hero Alice. Some mornings I wake up and believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast! At most times I’m an optimistic and humorous person trying to enjoy life to its very fullest. This blog is my place to share what goes on in the abyss that is my mind, and the amazing (or not so amazing) things I witness in this vast and spinning world around me.

Read on and join me on my grand road trip on this pale blue dot suspended in a sunbeam.

4 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Caitlynn,
      Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. Always nice to hear someone is enjoying this blog, because I sure as hell love writing it :-) I hope you have a great day!


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